A lot has happened during our first ‘official month’ as Terlamonte Project. Pedro and Sarah went to Tamera to learn about their solar kitchen. On the day we were there, they managed to cook for more than 100 people with only solar power and biogas! It will serve as inspiration for the common kitchen of our volunteer center. While we were out, Andrew and Amy arrived to help out with tasks at the farm. They did a great job fighting our ‘favourite’ invading species, Acacia Dealbata (lots of hard cutting, smashing and burning work) and started our solar acitivites building a first prototype for a food drier.

The food drier and its builders

Andrew helped this website into existence with his advice and developed a temperature measuring device for the food drier, and Amy applied her Ostheopathic knowledge on Sarah’s aching shoulders. Andrew and Amy, you are spectacular! Thanks so much for your help!

Pedro has started work on the solar cookers and water heating panels. We will add more technical information on a project page as soon as we find the time! So far, all are first prototypes (and if you look closely, you will find that the solar cooker is nothing more than a repurposed satellite dish).

Watch the telly or eat some tasty food? Your decision! pedro_building water_heater_panels