We are looking forward to receive some really interesting volunteers during the winter months. Cathleen and Vlad are going to bring their dog, their three horses and their mule, and are planning to make all the way to Romania by horse next year! More about their adventures can be found on their Facebook page.

To feed and host them (and more volunteers) we started to set up the garden. It is not easy, and the crows have been using our cabbage patch as a playground. Also, the soil there is not very good yet and the plants don’t look too happy. More organic matter and mobilization of the soil should improve the situation in the future. Other, smaller corners are now growing kitchen herbs and a few vegetables. Guest rooms have been cleaned and fences are (half) fixed.

Thanks for nothing, crows

The lemon tree had been planted about a year ago. In this area it is common to plant lemon trees at a south facing wall, as it can get quite cold in winter. Unfortunately the only south facing wall available has very poor soil. We built a wall around the tree to be able to fill the space around the tree with good soil and manure.

Herbs and lemon tree

The corner under the avocado tree had been seeded by Amy and Andrew some months ago. It is now a pleasure for people and bees!