A few months have passed since the last blog post, and it won’t be easy to find words for all the awesomeness that has been introduced to Terlamonte Project by the wonderful volunteers and guests during this time. To be honest, I had serious doubts about us being able to change the place so much in so little time!

One of the most important principles that has emerged during the work on our project is the concept of “usable hours per day”. It contradicts the paradigm that every adult should be able to withstand an 8 hour workday. Those who, for physical or mental reasons, are not able to do so, are marked as “lazy” or “deficient” by common standards. By accepting that every person commands differing amounts of physical strength and focus, we are able to maintain motivation, reduce feelings of guilt and resentment, and save emotional energy that can best be used for more productive purposes. A task done out of self-motivation will always have a higher quality than one done out of obligation and pressure.

One of the central achievements of the last months is our greenhouse. The making process will be described in our list of projects.

The Yaholnitsky Solar Oven is not finished yet, as we decided to add a solar tracking system. Vlad has been working tirelessly on welding the structure and finding solutions. A few technical issues still need sorting out, as well as the programming of the tracking system.

In the last few weeks, a miracle has happened, with the arrival of Bruno Gomes, who is not only a skilled builder (https://www.facebook.com/EcoConstrucoesPortugal/?eid=ARCpcTUEKH4HkRGDfjbpumFNcAy8pXwVuCAeElM6VsOzGJrAiHZTE6RQyvDvxhqARqan_x_32q_Fdsqp&timeline_context_item_type=intro_card_work&timeline_context_item_source=741858181&fref=tag) but also an excellent organizer. Together with his partner Rita, and helped by Cat and Vlad, they have been going through the mess we had accumulated during years and were too overwhelmed to tackle. In a process that was happening almost too fast to notice, the enormous amounts of building materials, tools and undefined stuff we will certainly need one day have found proper, easily accessible places in the stables, while the front face of the place looks clean and agreeable.

All the while, we are preparing for the first two drone races to be organized in our place. Our small and very nice community of Portuguese FPV pilots has convinced us to make both of these races part of the National Championship - which means stuff has to work flawlessly! There will be safety nets, a pavillion for pilots and organizers, a well equipped workshop and many amenities that are not always found on these kind of events. We are confident that we will manage to have everything in place till May, 2nd!