Admittedly, I am a very bad blogger. There is so much going on and sitting on the computer while plants and animals need attention and interesting building and engineering projects are calling for my attention, the last thing I want to do is sit at the computer. With the hot weather arriving, the sun has finally forced me to sit in a fresh spot and work on the page.

So what has happened during the last few months? The [solar cooker]( is working, but presents a few problems we are going to address in our next build. The garden is providing for a lot of the food we are eating - there is an interminable supply of salads and green beans, and yesterday I harvested my first ever cucumber (Pedro is terrified of cucumbers, but I think they are neat.) Cat and Vlad have moved on, although not to Romania as initially planned. Covid lockdown and border closures happened practically on the day they were planning to leave, so they got stuck with us for a while. While not everything was easy, we all learned a lot in the process and we really appreciate all the help and wonderful months spent together! They are now tending to their own garden during the next months, check out their project!

We have a rooster and three chickens now - Simon, Mabel, Cynthia 2.0 (the original Cynthia was confused with a tasty snack by our dog) and Avis. They were not part of our initial plans, but after our friend Josef brought two young roosters that were destined for a barbecue, we decided to keep one of them instead and find him some girlfriends. Simon is quite the gentleman: he calls his ladies when he finds some tasty ants, scans the skies for birds of prey and leads the ladies to security, and has recently taught Cynthia 2.0, the most pea-brained of his ladies, to find the way back into the chicken coop in the evening.

A welcome side effect of the lockdown was the general slowdown of everything. It gave us plenty of time to care for the garden and reevaluate our schedule. While the financial side of the project will be suffering a little in the long term, I was glad to do less computer work and more physical work. Our first drone race had to be cancelled, but we are preparing for the second race in September and hope that no new lockdown will get in its way!